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About Us

We want to help you to move towards open source platforms, tools and applications. We have 26 years of web development, 35 years of desktop development and 24 with mobile development. All with database backends.

Along the way, we have seen a rapid erosion of user privacy among the large centralized vendors (such as: Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Google); a push towards things-being-in-the-cloud (where they are easily spied upon and/or hacked) and a major swing towards things being priced as a service rather than as a product, which used to carry a one-time fee.

Most recently — we are not fans of the alarming trend of blatant censorship from these same vendors, on anything that does not fit the corporate-accepted narrative.

Fortunately, we've found alternatives to these centralized vendors' offerings that both work well — AND ARE MOSTLY FREE!

We started helping companies who would like to explore free and open source alternatives for:
  • custom in-house developed tools/applications,
  • applications and
  • operating systems.

What we REALLY want to achieve, is to move companies towards better securing their data and to save money along the way.

Our Path:

We're coming to you through a long journey, that began as Windows 1.03 BETA testers. Along the way was SQL Server 1.0; DOS versions of Microsoft Word (when Microsoft was after the WordPro/WordPerfect market); Excel 1.0 (when Microsoft was after Lotus 1-2-3's spreadsheet market); plenty of DOS scripting work and a myriad of other vendor packages.

We have used development tools like Turbo Pascal, Borland's C++, Foxpro, dBase and many others — right up to our current Windows work with ASP.NET, VB/VB.NET/VBScript, C# and Access/SQL Server. There was also MacOS work with Quark, Freehand, Illustrator, Photoshop and very heavy doses of Flash/AIR.

Our Tools:

On the application side, the ones we prefer and support will be listed in our calculator on the home page. We will work to find suitable alternatives if you are using other packages and we're confident in this as there is a remarkable list to choose from.

As far as custom development (which we love helping on), these are our top recommendations for flexibility, ease of development, and simple maintenance.
  • HTML5, CSS3, Javascript,
  • Python 3 (it really is a miracle tool),
  • Flask (a Python web framework),
  • SQLite
  • MariaDB (which is MySQL)
  • PostgreSQL
We are big fans of Debian as the operating system alternative to Windows and Mac OS; but there may be cases where other Linux variants, such as Linux Mint; Devuan; or even ReactOS (a Windows clone) might be a better fit. We are flexible!

You will find us to be entrepreneurial-minded and we will look for the best solution to every problem.
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