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by bills 1. July 2012 18:16


This is a spot for you to ask your own mobile auditing questions.

We have run user Q&A articles in print magazines, like Energy User News, Home Energy Magazine and also for some of the online energy magazines.
(This is an example Q&A article, done for EUN/Quality Magazine)

If you would like to ask a question related to mobile auditing; auditing workflow; mobile platforms or the hardware that they run on (as it applies to auditing please); enter your question via Comments below.

The auditing areas that we will cover are energy, solar, lighting and water audits.

Please also include whether you would like your question answered here -- which happens faster than print; or if you would like to see it run in a print magazine. For print, we will check back with you to see if you prefer to have your name & contact info in the article, or not.

Please Note -- only questions along the lines of how, what, when, why of mobile auditing software will be considered. Technical vendor-specific hardware and OS questions should be directed to the appropriate vendor help line | support forum.

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